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My First Attempt at Geocaching

To remove any sense of suspense, we didn’t find either of the ones that we looked for.

Chooch and I headed out with Kaylee to a local waterfront spot with fishing, hiking trails and boat launch area where a few geocaches were located. We had a great time on this beautiful day, and Kaylee had her first river adventure. She didn’t enjoy it as much as we expected, I think because she was slipping on the slick river bottom. I think she’s like me, in that she prefers a little less nature in her outdoor adventures.

We hiked for a total of 1 1/2 to 2 hours, through some fairly heavily wooded areas. Kaylee was in heaven with all the new sites, scents and sounds, going up and over hills and across creeks. It was a truly beautiful day for a walk in the woods, with a nice breeze and lovely views. The only irritation was that our bug spray started failing after awhile, and of course, that we didn’t find the stashes.

Our main problem was that our phones kept losing the signal, and it was pretty frustrating. At the second and last location, I launched myself into the brush determined to find it. When the arrow started spinning and had me going in opposite directions, I finally decided I was done. It simply could not get us near our destination. I’m sure if we weren’t total rookies we could’ve found one, but it was a great time regardless.

As a result of the day, I officially proclaim myself to be an indoor girl. I am allergic to too many things to spend lots and lots of time outside in the woods. I have welts from where I came in contact with nature and several bug bites. I guess I would break it down as I like nature, but it doesn’t like me.

For another first, we’re settling in to watch Swing Time, and it will be my first Fred and Ginger movie. I’ve now got a migraine so may not make it through the entire movie tonight, but I’m going to try.

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Phones are a little better suited to urban Geocaching. Once you get back in the woods signal becomes a problem. Then you’re better off with an actual handheld GPS.

Kee and I Geocache. If you actually consider trying again, maybe we can arrange to go together and you can see what it is like with a GPS.

We actually like to Geocache in late fall and the winter. No bugs, and a lot less foliage so you can actually SEE where the caches are. And cold weather inspires brisker walks.


That’s very kind of you, and while I’d like to get together with you guys again at some point, I don’t really have any interest in geocaching again. The first site in particular had me very concerned about safety, and not sure the payoff is worth me risking throwing out my ankle, knee or back and having a setback on my exercise schedule.

And I definitely see your point on needing a dedicated GPS device. It could have made all the difference in the world for us that day.

Thanks for reading, and for the comments!

The offer remains should you change your mind, but it isn’t a social requirement.

I can definitely relate to wanting to keep healthy and keep your exercise on schedule. RenFest on weekends and training during the week is playing hob with my exercise schedule.

I think we may actually see each other this weekend.


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