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Gone Daddy Gone

Apologies to those that tried to view my blog recently. Thanks to a ridiculous failure by Go Daddy we were down from Thursday until this morning. We switched to a new hosting company on Sunday, thinking that we’d be able to use the regular back-ups my husband has to get the sites us and running. Alas, we discovered that whatever magic he uses to make this happen had a failure of its own, resulting in incomplete back-ups and no ability to get the site up until Go Daddy stepped up and did their job.

Both Chooch and I have given folks recommendations to use Go Daddy, and if you are one of those people RUN, DO NOT WALK to another company. This uncaring company SUCKED on customer service, and left us with no help, no fixes and pathetic response time.

We’ve switched to a company that our trusted friend, Paul Fischer, gave a glowing review. I now happily proclaim that Go Daddy can go frak themselves.

Chooch is working hard to get our other sites up. In our typical luck, we had an episode of Into the Blender ready since last Tuesday that we scheduled for release on Saturday in hopes of returning to a regular bi-weekly schedule. Hopefully that will be ready at some point this morning as well.

I also ask that imhosted be gentle and kind with us. We’ve been hurt before, and badly. It may take us some time to fully trust again, but we’re willing to try.

And since I now have this great song stuck in my head, allow me to share it with you.

Gone Daddy Gone by the Violent Femmes

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Very reasonable pricing and great customer service from the few contacts I’ve had to make while setting up.

If you are only hosting a single domain it’s $4 a month. For unlimited hosting it’s only $8 a month.

I use godaddy for registering my domains only, and use hostgator for my websites (I have three set up for I think 100 a year, and can add as many as I want with shared space)

I was burned in the past and now I refuse to register my domains with the hosting company, and vice versa.

That’s exactly what Chooch has done, but I don’t know the companies he used for domain registration. It’s a shame it has to be so complex, we should be able to trust one company.

I’ve been with for 4 or 5 years now. I found out about them from my friend Nora. She’s been with them a lot longer. They have been very good to me and very responsive.

I worked at AOL when Bob Parsons was there. I’m pretty sure he’s the reason the AOL client installed 8 gazillion icons on your desktop. Go Daddy looks the same way. I admin a domain and site for a friend on Go Daddy and I’m slowly moving them over to for domain registration and for hosting.

Go Daddy has been a constant pain in the tush to work with. They have competing, confusing, overlapping products and they constantly try to up-sell me something I neither want nor need. Their admin tools also aren’t the easiest to use.

There are a lot of good solid companies to use for hosting and registration. In my opinion, Go Daddy isn’t one of them.


I’m very grateful for the recommendation, and as you can see we took it. We’re now hosted through IMHosted and are moving over our registrations as they expire. Think we have seven or so, and two come up in October.

Thanks again, Paul!

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