Dessert Hacking, My New Addiction

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Maybe it’s just boredom with traditional desserts, but since the first planning stages of cherpumple baking in August I’ve been looking at desserts differently.

My immediate thought after the first viewing of the “how-to” video was that I needed to attempt it with one of my cheesecakes baked inside a chocolate cake for the first cherpumple. Sadly, it was a failure on two fronts. First, the chocolate cake batter never completely cooked and was raw in places. This was, in hindsight, due to the density and temperature of the cheesecake. I’m sure I can overcome the issues in future attempts. The second disappointment halted future attempts for now – my husband, son and I decided that you couldn’t even taste the cheesecake as it just absorbed the chocolate flavor. (I’ll get back to those later, as I’ve got some possibly tasty solutions to this problem.)

Even so, they let out cries of horror when I tossed it in the trash.

Another modification to the cherpumple was at the request of P.G. Holyfield, which I surprised him with during his visit this weekend. After trying the cherpumple I baked for BlenderCon, he pulled me to the side and let me know that he would love to try a chocolate cake/pecan pie layer. As expected, it turned out to be extremely delicious. My concern over what would happen to the inner pie layer was unnecessary. It retained its moisture and texture and also added its distinctive flavor to the chocolate in a very tasty way.

Note: My husband coined the term “PiCake” for any cake/pie layers or stacked layers, so that’s what I’m calling those that are not true Cherpumples (cherry/pumpkin/apple pies baked in white/spice/yellow cakes).

Behold the ChocoCan PiCake

Another friend that has not yet experienced the cherpumple, Tee Morris, let me know last week that he wants to try it. He also suggested a chocolate layer with pumpkin pie inside. While I personally don’t like chocolate mixed with pumpkin pie spices, I can’t deny Tee his request and will make him that layer.

Then there’s the layer I’m dying to try, and have already added it to my Christmas baking list. It will have a chocolate cake with a cherry pie inside. I’m a huge fan of chocolate covered cherries, and I think it will be most delicious!

I’ll post updates with the results of those modifications, assuming I don’t forget again. I’ll also post future dessert hacks, as they are attempted, with photos. The list is very long, so it will take awhile.

Oh, and I’m baking the pumpkin pie/spice PiCake for Thanksgiving. Don’t judge me. It’s good enough that it bears repeating.

6 Responses to “Dessert Hacking, My New Addiction”

  1. Nuchtchas Says:

    Chcolate cheesecake, a thought, don’t bake them together but, make the cheesecake then freeze it. Bake the chocolate cake and slice it in half as you would making a normal layer cake (or perhaps into threes) then slice the frozen cheese cake, use that as the filling between the layers and ice it. Let it sit for 30 minutes before serving so the cheese cake is thawed, but… it should work and have the flavor you want

  2. Viv Says:

    True, and a good idea for a tasty stacked dessert. But I really LOVE the “baked inside” aspect. More to come on this front. I love a challenge!

  3. Paulette Jaxton Says:

    May I humbly suggest that the cherry pie be surrounded by a German Chocolate cake? The nom factor would be off the scale 🙂

  4. Viv Says:

    Mmmmm… I agree! Would that use traditional coconut and pecan frosting or something different?

  5. Victoria (District Chocoholic) Says:

    Wow. You were serious. Kickass.

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