Fiction by Chooch, At Long Last

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My husband Chooch has been writing fiction for a very long time. When we were dating, he even shared some of it with me. I was shocked and impressed at this creative side and have had growing admiration for him over the years with his music and writing, and his many other talents. To my knowledge, he’s never had his fiction out in the world beyond sharing with one or two people for input.

Now, I’m fairly certain that most of my readers are familiar with the wonderful fiction that Philippa Ballantine has shared with the world. As a part of the launch promotion for her newest book Geist, she invited some folks to write a short story in her world to be released in podcast form. I’m proud to say that my husband Chooch was one of those invited and although I’m a bit biased, I believe he wrote a wonderful story.

Pip has released the podcast version of his story, and it is fantastic. You can follow this link to Philippa’s post in order to give it a listen. Don’t forget to leave feedback if you are so inclined. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and don’t forget to pick up a copy (or five) of Geist!

If you enjoyed Chooch‘s story, tune into TuacaCon this coming Saturday as he hopes to do a reading of the first chapter of his original novel, Corsa.

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  1. Philippa Ballantine Says:

    I feel honoured that Chooch wrote for me, and that it was the first place he’s put his work out for public consumption. Looking forward to seeing what other marvels he has up his sleeve. 🙂

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