No Whining Soulful

Not A List

The new year is coming, and with it the urge to make lists. Lists of what I accomplished and didn’t. Lists of what I hope to accomplish in the next year.

I’ll spare you that list, as I’ve already documented a lot here within this blog. There are of course more things that I’ve not made public that I’m proud of, as well as not so proud of. I will say that it was a year of growth and discovery, forgiveness and acceptance, loss and joy. In summary, a year much as any other person has experienced.

With all the sadness and difficulty in the past year, I’m grateful to have found much joy in my family and friendships, both old and new. I relish the thought of what adventures the coming year will bring. Having so many unresolved things facing us, I admit to some trepidation that goes along with my excitement.

I again resolve to keep the drama that surrounds me to a minimum, but will do so with more honesty as to how I create it myself. Hell, just two days ago I found myself behaving in a way I had sworn off, so I clearly still have a lot of growing to do. I’m happy to say that I recognize it and strive to do better.

There has been some plotting for next year, but I’ll save that for another post.