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Trunko is Me, I am Trunko

My love for UglyDolls began in May of 2008 while roaming a shopping district in Richmond, VA. I could only afford a keychain sized doll, but I took it everywhere, hanging from my purse.

Meeting Christiana Ellis for the first time at Balticon in 2008
Ugly Doll at 2009 Virgin Music Festival Watching Stone Temple Pilots

This year, I merrily stumbled upon a huge display of the Ugly Doll collection at Toys R’Us right before Christmas. I was astounded at the selection available and swooned and twitpic’ed in delight.

“I want them all. And they will all sleep with us. Forever.”

Instead of buying all of them, I bought one Little Ugly called Trunko, because the description sounded quite similar to my personality habits:

Trunko is over the top. He freaks out over everything and overreacting is his hobby. When the chips are down, he orders a million more chips at wholesale prices. Where there’s smoke there’s fire… and there’s Trunko using a fire hose to put out his birthday candles. Full throttle, go go go… You know how you look before you leap. Yeah, that’s not Trunko. So please be patient with him. Please be a pal. Please use caution.


Now, I am not exactly like Trunko. I typically over-analyze things to death. And then I overreact.

Happily, now Boo Boo Bun Bun has a friend to snuggle. And someday I shall have a swimming pool filled with UglyDolls to swim in whenever I want.