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House Closing This Friday!

We finally go to settlement this coming Friday. After very close to a year, it’s been a long, expensive and difficult endeavor and I am happy to be only 70 hours away from completion.

That said, it’s been a life-changing experience, more so than any other move in my life except for the move my boys and I made when their dad moved out. There has been as much laughter as there has tears, thanks to an overwhelmingly supportive group of friends, as well as my sons. Without them, Chooch and I would have never made it through this sanely. Well, as sane as we started, anyways.

There is so much about us that is changed, that it is truly a re-birth as we discover who we are and explore our lives and possibilities together.

It is surreal to live so far from my family, but having the housemates I have, along with the insane amount of support and love we share for each other, we feel secure that this is the right place for us.

I would like to thank EVERYONE that has been supportive during this time, whether it was helping us pack, move, clean, vent, scream, cry, laugh, sent a supportive email or message, called or visited. We now know the depth of our friendships with so many people, and are in awe of the mass tonnage of exceptional humans in our lives. It truly is a wondrous thing to know whose heart you reside in, especially when those people already reside in your own heart.

Happy Frakkin’ Tuesday, Dear Reader!

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