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Fave New Twitter DM Thread (From Balticon Monday)

This conversation is in response to a mesmerizing, yet undocumented (Anyone?!? Please email to me!) event outside of our room on the last official night of Balticon 46.

I am leaving both victim and confirmed perpetrator unidentified unless said parties decide to reveal his, or her, selves.  Or something.

Car F**ker #1 (CF1):   Viv, what happened with the Marriot room?
(CF1, before I replied):   And was (Car Owner)’s car dinged?
Me:   We are just now loading up. Have to pay another night, but we are just now revived, lol!
CF1:   Oh my. You guys crashed out all day?
Me:   I didn’t. I worked on packing since 9 am wake up call came. Could not get the boys moving but for food. PG on the road hour ago?
CF1:  Good boys 🙂 You just gave me a scare that I did something to (Car Owner)’s car last night.
Me:    You mean besides fucking it?
  Psychological or physical damage?
Me:  (collapse into giggles at the though of the car or its owner having psychological damage, under the circumstances of the situation)


Balticon 46, I may have been unable to attend 99% of your panels or see all of my friends, but it sure as hell was exciting! And it definitely left a mark. <3