Dear True Blood Writing Staff

Thank you for finally making Tara interesting, even if she ends up boring again.

Please show more shirtless Eric and Sam. I mean, it’s hot and humid in Bon Temps,

Thank you for the Eric and Pam (back) story. He’s actually more than eye candy to me now. And she is far more exquisite than I ever knew, and she’s been my fave female since season 1.

And never, ever kill Lafayette, Pam or Sam. Also, Eric is close to making the list. Be careful there.

Vampire snuggles,

PS: iStake? ZOMG, so funny, well done!


Note to those that are about to comment about spoilers: It’s your own fault if you haven’t watched the first episode of the season to know that Tara survived and still followed this link with that title.