Too Long For Twitter

Modesty vs. Halloween

There have been a metric butt-ton of these types of Facebook posts:


I opted out of slutty again last year. I lost my mind over a hamster costume that completely covered me. It was not sexy in any way. While it was not my intention to wear something quite so burlap sack-y, I was beyond excited as it was reminiscent of Hamtaro (but not licensed as such).
Not slutty and full of happy memories of watching the cartoon with LT? Hellz yeah!

I was given pink bunny pj’s at Christmas, so this year I’ll be wearing glasses and rocking Ovaltine in my pimp stein. Unless we get washed away in

Happy Halloween and be safe with merry making with the bad weather and so on. Call a cab if you get even mildly sauced. Trust me, you don’t want to piss off this hamster.