California Dreaming, One

**Edit** Written yesterday.

I have blissed out beyond what I hoped for the entire trip after learning that my beloved Sister In Law, who I will for now refer to as “That’s Unfortunate” (TU) because of how she schooled me last night. Three therapy sessions in one sentance: Oh, you always feel like you have to please people? Me: Precisely. She: Oh. That’s unforturnate.

Truth nugget, that I’m still laughing at while I process. Meanwhile, she is someone that innately pampers and spoils everyone she can. So I’m taking it with a grain of salt.

Then we find out that J (Chooch’s son, who I hope to have a better moniker for by the end of this trip.) time will be plentiful and are now blissing out watching him play Rocksmith, which we brought, with his own guitar. He’s an amazing musician, we’re blown away as he’s acing The Dead Weather.

While talking throughout the day, many times returning to music, I realize the while I can play no instrument, I have been surrounded by musicians my whole life starting with my dad, who played acoustic guitar from as young as I remember, then stopped at some point (I wonder where that guitar is now?).

Then my brother started playing percussion in middle school through high school.

Then dating musicians.

Then marrying and later divorcing a singer and guitar player, now married to a musician of multiple instruments, with a son that that sang all four years in  high school choir, another son that has played percussion off and on since he was 6 or 7 years old (We provided a practice pad and drum sticks so he could get used to how it should feel since he was beating pencils and or his hands on everything anyways.) and has recently and seriously informed Chooch and I that he wants to be a musician as a career, and seeing J playing Rocksmith after more than 3 years of guitar lessons, several years of piano lessons, and now playing trumpet in the school orchestra. How joyful am I that my whole life I have been surrounded by music, enveloped in it, and will continue to, by people that I love and take such pride in their accomplishments.

Definitely counting my blessings this day, after blissing out oh-so-many unforgettable moments.



My Eternal happy place.