Anti-Health Health

To the ER! Again? Ehh…

Another month, another ER trip. Worried because ankle is still excruciating after sprain last month and YES, I know I overdid it. That’s part of the price of going to CA. Want to spend ALL the time with everyone. Also, I suspected some sort of sinus infection/bronchitis. All is well, home now. Love the staff at Inova Loudoun hospital. Ankle still not broken despite my best attempts, lulz. Osteo dude next week with a dash of antibiotics and a trip to an ENT for my sinus issues. Thank Glob for good insurance! And thank Glob for Chooch for providing it!

It’s a beautiful, warm-ish winter day in Virginia and I’m tucked back in bed with my flannel Tink jammies. Hubby is hard at work on a day job project by my side. Smiling as I view my friends’ photos in Facebook at all the love there, and must send blessings and protective vibes to ALL! Even if you think such things are fufu dust, you are still under my protection! MUAHAHA, you can’t stop me!

Miiiiiiiiissing our sons and hoping their weekends rock! xoxoxo Brush your teeth *muah* No texting at the table (((hugs))) Love you!

And yes, pain killers. In case you were wondering. Vicodin.

Weird revelation? This was the first medical emergency thing that I didn’t pray to and focus on my Mom. Even weirder? Tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of her death. Don’t know how I feel about either part. ┬áThat I didn’t reach out for her energy or that I was avoiding the acknowledging the anniversary.

It’s healthy, right? Because it feels disloyal.

Recuperating with Finn and Jake. A fave eppy: I Remember You. Brings a tear to my eye hole, it does.

Later, mang.