Too Long For Twitter

And Then There’s This

This is why we eat so late: me, doing dexterity new-to-me exercise, round loom knitting. I then get get shiny object syndrome and take a picture because I love the natural shape of it and the colors, too. Then, hubby snatches my camera and nabs the image and is now playing with that. I love how he makes me feel about myself. Going to keep knitting, I guess. I think this is the thing he’s working on, but I’m not sure.

I have so many thoughts after our visit to Hawaii, for two whole weeks on the Garden Isle, Kaua’i. I fell in love and dream of returning to it again, and also making my way to active volcanic sites, because why not?

The biggest change is done. Only my forgetfulness will ruin my intentions: No more plastic bags from stores. Reusable or paper ONLY. I’ll happily remove that from this household whenever possible.

I won’t be embarrassed using a WalMart bag at a Harris Teeter, I just don’t care. I’m taking this wee step in the hopes that the garbage cycle is a little lighter for this change.

I have some photos posted in my Flickr feed, only a very few will go into Facebook. As I’ve been doing for almost six years now, my pix will remain there until they piss me off enough to take them down. 🙂