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One Of The Things You Don't Want To Hear Your Neurologist Say…

… “You’re a challenge.” He was referring to the conundrum of trying to figure what to do next to try and relieve my symptoms since I’m not seeing an improvement in my symptoms.

After discussing the alternatives and my other health issues, my neurologist is not interested in switching me to either of the other two standard treatment options. He felt it was just too risky at this time with the likely side effects that could have an extremely detrimental impact on my health. So, that leaves us with increasing my current prescription again. I return in six weeks to discuss progress, and he is going to do some research to determine alternative treatment options.

I’m happy to report that he suggested a natural alternative, which I’m definitely exploring. He was also supportive when I questioned him about acupuncture. Three cheers for a modern doctor! I only say that because I have previously only encountered hesitancy from doctors on alternative solutions.

He was also very supportive of the exercise program I’ve begun, and I’m very to say that will continue. The amount of energy I have on Couch to 5K days is not something I will easily give up. In spite of how sick I usually feel afterwards, it makes me very happy to be in motion again. I regret all the skipped workouts and half-hearted attempts in the past, now that I’ve been limited for so long.

And with all the changes we’re facing, we’ve decided to register for a 5k in November. There is no way to predict if I will be dizzy or in pain, and may have to be a no-show. I have no idea if I’ll even be able to finish it. I do know that having a race on the horizon will keep me on track with my goals.

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My grandmother (who is turning 100 years old this november) told me on my last visit, \if ever you have something with pain and the doctors aren’t helping, get acupuncture\ This was promoted by my father having back pain for two weeks, and of course making sure everyone in the universe knows he was in pain. Grandma tried to get him to see an acupuncturist to help but he refused thinking her a dottering old woman. Thing is, she told me, that when she was in her 70s she started to come down with debilitating arthritis that had her hands gnarled into claws and the doctors couldn’t do much. She went for some acupuncture treatments and it solved the problems. She is 99 and never has bad arthritis, she can even still knit (she doesn’t, she is bored by it by now, but she could if she wanted to)

exercise is always good and something tells me if you keep it up you have more of a chance of making that 5K then if you are lax on the training 🙂 And I KNOW you will finish, even if you walk the whole way, you will finish.

I’m curious if you have asked (may be well past this already) your doctor if he could help qualify you for disability? If this is stopping you from working, isn’t that what disability is for?

Hearing about your grandmother’s success and belief is definitely encouraging, and I’m going to find out this week about costs since it’s likely my insurance won’t cover it. Absolutely amazed and thrilled that you’ve had your grandmother in your life for so long. My last surviving grandparent passed away when I was six, so I’ve got little to nothing in the way of memories. She sounds amazing, and I’m glad she was able to fend off arthritis, having seen what it can do.

Thank you so much for the vote of confidence on the 5k stuff, that’s so sweet! I’m a bit hyper-focused on it, since we had to bail on last year’s race. Luckily, I’ve got Chooch to keep me from pushing to hard. 😀

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