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Playstation Network Account Hacked

Can you say first world problem? I knew that you could.

My unsteady yet productive day has been interrupted by a half hour freak out when I saw that my Sony PSN accout had been hacked and my bank account down $140. I actually had $150 stolen between the ass hat(s) loading the wallet and what was already in the wallet. According to my email traffic, there were two password changes and nine purchases, leaving 9 cents in PSN wallet. Very efficient, but you’ll have to forgive me for not having admiration for the puke(s) that robbed us.

I noticed it today (Saturday) around 1:30 pm, but it occurred between 2 and 5 am. After an automated phone system run around and three representatives, I was walked through changing my password and removed the linked credit card info.

I have to wait until Monday to talk to the next level of support to get the charges reversed, and I’m thrilled that we have a small cushion in the account to accommodate this particular boot to the head. Yes, I considered alerting my bank to the fraud but when I asked I was told it would be cleaner to let PSN handle, so I’ll wait. I’ll report it to my bank at that point if I don’t get it from PSN for whatever reason.

Chooch also removed the credit card info from his account. In the future we will add and immediately delete the information for purchases.

Now, I hate flooding my stream with endless blog posts, especially two in one day. However, I would kick myself if someone got hacked tonight when it might have been avoided if only I weren’t trying to space out my blog posts, for no real reason.

Please consider this my heartfelt request that you remove your credit card info from your PSN account if it’s there, as this appears to have been totally random. In other words, it could happen to you.

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I stumble upon your post, and this event also happen to me too, just last night. I got an email saying $50 was added to the playstation network wallet. then another email saying my password had been changed. This is very frustrating because I only had $1.56 cent left in my account so now I am getting charged for 50 dollars and 35 for over draft fees. I called my bank and they closed my debit card and gonna issue me a new one. I am about to call Sony PlayStation corporate. I just wanted to ask you, did they every refund your money back and what did Sony do for you during this whole ordeal?

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