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Definitions You Know: Purify



–verb (used with object) 

  • to make pure; free from anything that debases, pollutes, adulterates, or contaminates: to purify metals.
  • to free from foreign, extraneous, or objectionable elements: to purify a language.
  • to free from guilt or evil.
  • to clear or purge (usually followed by of  or from ).
  • to make clean for ceremonial or ritual use.

–verb (used without object)

  • to become pure.

I spent Tuesday through Thursday doing a lot of driving, starting with an acquisition for my fledgling business. I also saw friends along the way, and enjoyed my time with them immensely. But there were situations along the way that troubled me, because I hate seeing people I love struggle. It’s especially troubling when I am helpless and unable to take their troubles away.

Last night, a recent but very dear friend sensed this in me and cleared my energy with a sage smudging. While it made none of the problems go away, I felt relaxed, loved, lifted and able to continue on.

Now, before you crap on this post about how it’s malarkey and that a loving and spiritual woman waving burning sage around me doesn’t help anything, keep in mind it is my blog. And I felt a difference, which is all that matters to me.

Happy Weekend, may you enjoy it in good health!

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I’m glad you’re feeling better. That’s the important thing. The whys and wherefores are irrelevant in the face of that.

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