Chooch Dizzy

Week one on the new dosage. Meh.

I started the increased daily migraine medication dosage on Sunday, and am really feeling the difference in an increase in the frequency and duration of the dizzy spells. My hope is that this is my body adjusting to the increase from 10 to 25 mg of the migraine medication. Happily, the breakthrough migraine meds do actually seem to help with acute migraine pain, even though I’m only taking a half dose. Chooch and I thought this would be a good start since I find myself to be pretty damned sensitive to the effects of the medication. What can I say, I’m a cheap date.

I felt great on Thursday morning, so got behind the wheel for the first time to run errands. I was fine for the first hour or two, but then fatigue and headache kicked in and after only three hours I was back at home napping due to extreme dizziness and nausea. I’m still waiting to get my groove back from yesterday’s adventure.

I’m looking forward to Tuesday, which is my first session of vestibular rehab (physical therapy for really dizzy frakkers like myself). I’m really hoping they can help me, because I’m about to lose my mind. Silly me, I thought I’d feel better after diagnosis and treatment started. You may know that one of my core beliefs (and personality flaws) include the movie quote “Instant gratification takes too long” from the movie “Postcards from the Edge”.

Now I’m dealing with seasonal allergy flare-up or cold or cooties or something, and I think by itself it would be okay. In combination with everything else, I end up being a party pooper yet again. I’m tired of being the wet blanket, period. If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to get some work done on my new project. It’s kind of tough when I feel this depleted when I need to feel brave and confident in my vision.

Since I’ve been warned about stress taking a physical toll on me at this point, I’m struggling with keeping negativity away even more than ever before. I can feel a tangible uptick in my symptoms when something upsets me, so it’s no longer just a goal to be more positive and avoid negativity. It’s now a necessity, and so my efforts begin in earnest.

My goal is to feel stabilized on the medication so I can drive myself to and from the physical therapist on Tuesday so hubby doesn’t have to miss more work. I know things can always be worse, so I’m counting my Blessings and staying hopeful. Baby steps, yo.