Balticon 45 – In Lieu of a Wrap-Up

As the title implies, I’m not doing a rundown of all the exquisitely awesome and awful things that happened this year. Chooch has con crud and I’m just not up to it with everything going on here.

Suffice it to say I saw many beloved friends, some old and some new, and this year’s con has had the greatest impact in my life of any I’ve attended.

I treasure all the laughter and kindnesses of friends, especially those that came to my reading. I couldn’t have made it through that without each of you there, lending me strength. I hope I did Mom proud.

If you attended and took photos, please add them to the Balticon 45 Flickr group I created. It’s a great way for folks to uncover the many photos taken, regardless of how they are tagged. If you rely solely on Facebook, I would ask you to reconsider for at least this pool of photos. Many have left FB due to privacy issues and it would be a shame for them not to see the photos you have taken and shared. You can always link to Flickr from Facebook, and you also get to see how many folks have viewed them and it allows for folks to “Favorite” them to find in the future.

The next episode of Into the Blender may include a run-down, if Chooch is in favor of it. If not, know that I tremendously enjoyed all of the events I participated in or attended.

Whether you made it to the show or not, if you want more info on Chooch’s band Ditched by Kate, you can go to their website. There will be information posted soon about how to get a physical  or digital copy of their EP, Stumble.

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You rocked, the band rocked, and it was indeed a tremendous experience all the way around. I wish I could have made it to your reading. Please know I was there in spirit. Thank you for the photo group, for being the inspiration behind the hugely sucessful Girls’ Rules yarn color, and for being a treasured friend.

Thanks so much, Sue! I’ve decided to keep my yarn intact as I’m so honored that you made one just for our ‘cast!

As for the reading, after I listen to the audio I’ll know if it will help or hinder the submissions for my breast cancer anthology. If it’ll help I’ll definitely release it.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon, babe!

Viv, I cannot say how much it meant to me to spend with you and Chooch over the course of the con. You two are an inspiration and I hope our friendship continues for many years to come. *hugs*

Starla, I feel the same way! Yes, you are a wonderful author but you are an even MORE wonderful person! Thanks for all our chat time and for just being you.

You rock! (hugs)

We are really hoping to make it, and haven’t given up on it yet. Since our tickets were already paid for and the room deposit paid, there’s not much more we’ll need.
Keep your fingers crossed, and we’ll be roaming Atlanta with you again this year!

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