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Yup. It’s true. I’m bored. But take no offense, it’s not you I’m bored with. I’m bored with me.

I can barely make it through writing a post without losing interest in it and either saving it as a draft or outright trashing it. If I can’t stay interested enough to make it through a few readings to check for errors, how the hell can I expect you to read it?

In fact, I just closed the third post of the night because I was BORED with what I was saying.

So I’ve decided that I will try and shake off the mean reds I’ve fallen into and post a minimum of three times a week. It may be something I’ve learned, an especially enjoyable experience or just my good things for the day.

My good thing for today was laughing with my oldest son, now 20. We spent the weekend together, along with my husband, and he’s an amazing man. For his birthday, instead of video or computer games, he asked for running shoes. Instead of cheesecake, he asked for the healthiest of desserts in my baking arsenal. They grow up so fast…

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I can’t comment on the boredom. I think we all feel that way at times. I’m happy to hear you had a great weekend with your son and family. Since ours oldest is only half his age, I can’t fathom what it’s like to have a child his age. I know I can’t wait to see how they grow and become more themselves than just little us-es. I see it more everyday and it both frightens and makes me happy in ways I never knew.
Change is good. It’s not always immediately evident how, but I believe it. Happy birthday to him and congrats to you. I’ll be looking forward to that cookbook some day 🙂

Thanks, David!
I love how you phrased that “… frightens and makes me happy…” about watching our wee bairns grow into independence and individuality.

Many thanks for the read and the comment!
All my best, and I hope your wife is on track to long-term wellness and a pain-free existence.

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