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Stupid Irony is Stupid

I’ve been on the fence about this weekend. There is hubby’s Ditched by Kate band practice, which is non-negotiable with a hot show coming up at IOTA on Saturday, June 18th.

Then there are two book events for dear friends on Saturday and a party I truly hate to miss on Saturday night. All are in different states, naturally. Then there is the 10k that I had been training for months for on Sunday morning. And an alleged get-together with far-flung members of my Mom’s family. There has been no information on that for two months, so I’ve no idea if it’s even happening, or when.

This does not count the other things on my to-do list: the 2 month procrastinated yard sale, writing the submission guidelines for the breast cancer anthology, scrubbing the house down, continuing work on launching both a record label and publishing house, and recording and editing for our own projects and planning future projects.

So, as we’ve just decided that we cannot afford the time or funds to travel to three states in one day and I’ve re-dedicated myself to the 10k, I of course catch Chooch’s cooties. He’s on anti-biotics, with the usual catch of the doctor not being sure if it’s viral or bacterial. I loathe taking them unless they’re absolutely necessary. If and when I create a super bug capable of ending life as we know it, it will be on purpose. Still, my lung capacity will frak up my hopes of success at the 10k.

I definitely won’t be running the entire 10k, but I’m hoping to be strong enough to go anyways. Not having run for 3 weeks means my knees and shins feel entirely healed, but it’s my endurance and breathing I’m now concerned about. Luckily, there is a half-marathon at the same time, so no matter how crappy my pace, I’ve been assured by race organizers not to sweat it.

I wish we could bag it and go to our friends’ stuff instead, but sadly, I’m not coughing up gold coins to pay for the gas, food, hotel  and kennel fees. Nor has a time turner cleared my esophagus to make it possible to actually travel to all these places in a very short time. At least not yet.

*It is irony, right? Feel free to correct me.

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I’m not sure if it’s irony or just crappy timing. I never have been very good with the whole irony thing. I do know that when it rains, it pours. I think that applies to things good or bad which in your case, seems to be both.

My wish for you today is that whatever you choose to do, you enjoy thoroughly and do in good health.

We’re in a similar situation with the many social gatherings this weekend. In light of that and traveling to my brother’s wedding next weekend in Chicago, we’ve decided that this weekend we’re juts staying home.

And of course, I ended up getting sick this week too.

Stupid, know-nothing doctors… 😉

Cocooning certainly seems the way to go. I know for us, the breakneck pace of the last two months has worn us ragged and I’m looking forward to naps and days without coughing. *sigh* Someday…
And not all doctors are stupid, know-nothings. Some of them are actually clever, know-somethings! I count you among their number, Fine Sir.
I sincerely hope you’re feeling better and also that you haven’t spread your filthy man cooties to your beloved. <3

Too bad you’re not a Lannister and could just … well, get gold pretty easily.

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