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Did Someone Say Hurricane Party?

So, Hurricane Sandy is dead set on screwing up the schedules and lives of what must be nearly person in the North East. High winds, blizzards and floods, with what is expected to be millions of us without power for a potentially long time.  Because none of our children live with us, I am not as prepared as I would be with them here.

Long ago, we stopped keeping our “Bunker” well stocked, as it’s just the two of us now. Since we’ve moved into the home we share with another family, which includes two young and energetic girls, we are still ready for most potential disasters. Note: If anyone has an app that protects your home from falling trees/flying objects, please link in the comments?

I have to mention, since it literally just occurred, that if the spontaneous explosion of pain in my noggin is anything to measure by, the changes in the barometric pressure have me already grateful that I’m stocked up with medication. If necessary, I can ride it out with Prince Vicodin and Sandman Soma.

I am now thrilled that we were too broke to spring for a New York City 9th and 10th anniversary celebration for Chooch and I for our November 1st, 9th and 10th anniversaries (9 years married, 10 years since our first official date).

Just having returned from the final grocery trip, I am happy to say that our local community is clearly trying to observe the warning to stay home, as the roads were way less crowded than expected, as was the store itself. Businesses were closing, and I watched stores empty into parking lots as people hurried along.

We are nestled in, I have made sure my sons are safe and there is little left to do, other than some cooking before we potentially lose power– Barbeque chicken in the crockpot (only 2 more hours!), plus sugar cookies for the girls we live with to decorate on Halloween again this year. All our devices are charged and we are splurging on electricity as much as we can.

In truth, I almost wish for a power outage.  It never happens here, the weather is mild and there is so much going on that I, uh, well… I kind of tingle at the idea of primitive living. Using devices sparingly means things get down to basics. Happily, we have flashlights and batteries, candles and many, many books and board games.

I suppose the scary part would be getting cut off from our Beloveds, and being sure they are all well. But not having electricity means that you let go and streamline. Your control over their, and your own, situation is all just worry in your own mind. Useless.



~~~Please be safe, stay where you are if possible and among everything else you are being warned about, take care with children and animals around downed power lines as well as lit candles or flames.

And, from George Takei’s Facebook post earlier today:
As things intensify, if you need to let others know you’re ok or to search for loved ones, here is one resource: