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On Camera? Hmmm…

I just picked up my new script, a 7 day pain patch. It’s to help with pain, since no other daily preventative has worked. At least I don’t have to choke down more pills. This takes the place of a 3-a-day pill I was on until November, when the lack of impact on my shortened wean off (Thanks, Furlough! I had a refill right after it started, and at $90 a month I decided to see if it makes a difference. New baseline, which I was due for anyways.) made me realize it was causing more side effects than symptoms it was treating.

My pain has increased since then, steadily, as we moved from Fall to Winter. We have been in the grips of a record-breaking winter in our area and the pain in crease in the cold weather has been immense.

So, new pain meds are here and as I open the pack and I jokingly said to Chooch that I should apply the patch after we record our Consumption ‘Cast (with friends P.G. Holyfield and Christiana Ellis) youtube episode since I have no idea what the side effects may be. C’C is a weekly gabfest about all the media we are or aren’t consuming. Tonight we have J.C. Hutchins on, and I can’t wait to chat with him – he’s always so fun to talk to and it’s been too long. He’ll be talking about his body of work and his new project, The 33.

It occurred to me that, for reals, I had better read the possible side effects before applying.

I read them aloud:

  • Drowsiness (zzzz…whut?);
  • Euphoria;
  • Vomiting;
  • Restlessness;
  • Headache (already have one, lol);
  • Dry mouth (thanks, Vic!);
  • Low blood pressure (prone to);
  • Blurred vision (thanks, nonexistent glasses!);
  • Feeling of general discomfort.

Chooch’s response? “So, thirty minutes before we go Live, right? You gotta show that.”

That’s love, guys. That’s love.

Sorry, no can do. My inner fan girl gets to come out tonight with J.C. on the show. He’s my FIRST (podcast novel AND trilogy author), EVAR!

And really, those dragon boots. *swoon*