Middle Aged Rebellion?

I just saw a sponsored ad in Facebook with a list of 20 items that women (over 30, specifically) shouldn’t wear, stating “grow up and act like an adult,” as the reason.

I only read it to see how many rules I break and I found the first item was a “graphic tee.”
A fucking t-shirt?
This is useless, ageist and elitist bullshit.

If I didn’t let my parents dictate how I dressed as a teenager, when they were paying my bills, why the FUCK would I let a stranger whose sole interest is to get my money succeed? While trying to shame me into buying their “style” at (almost) 46?

Note: I refuse to link to the post or utilize it since it’s clearly bullshit.

I’m now shooting to wear 20 things age inappropriate items at once. Help me by listing items that are age inappropriate for this almost 46 year old grandmother! But remember, I’m modest and always have been. That’s not going to change either.


Viv(Ham)taro, Halloween 2011
Viv(Ham)taro, Halloween 2011


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Clearly the kigurumi was a good choice. I think you need to find a ring-pop, and maybe those little plastic barrettes that look like bows (or the bauble hair ties if you can get your new cute short hair into it). Let’s see…slap bracelets, jelly sandals, nose ring, pigtails, best friend necklaces…

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