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Spoilers, Sweetie – Guardians of the Galaxy and My Communication FAIL

I dunno if anyone else does this, but do you identify with anyone in Guardians of the Galaxy?

I see Naughty Bear as the Star Lord, partly because of facial similarity. (Yes, Star Lord is THAT handsome.)

That kind of thing. Do you do that? If so, who do you most identify with?

For brief reference, I tend to see movie team-ups broken down into the necessary gaming group requirements. Using City of Heroes MMORPG (RIP) as my examples:
a tank, a blaster, a controller, a healer, and a scrapper. (I may be missing a few and don’t know the City of Villains versions, but do you get what I mean?)

For myself, I am Groot. Because of his creaky body that could sometimes do cool stuff under extreme duress (and pay for it later, lol) , his limited speech (mine is self-limited due to neuro stuff) , his need to do other things that would cause him harm if it would save or help another to survive (oi, the bruises I came home with, lol.), my need to make circles around ones that I love and include sparklies was almost too much to bear at the theater, upon my second viewing. And so on, with my empath need to identify with an empathic character.

Also, after much self-examination, and what the last three weeks in August was, I find I was dropping my filter for brevity in urgent moments and then almost disappearing as I “translated” (as Pamela then called it).

I am having difficulty filtering now. It started over the summer. And in August it was ripped off my face. There was no choice. I have less tolerance for bullshit, and I don’t mean that in a judgmental way. I mean it in a physical condition impacting way.

Emotional stress triggers physical stress in my f***** up body.

When you add the lowered filtering, which LITERALLY only appears to be working on a fairly good level when I’m around kids, to the many many many many communication difficulties I was having at times, which many people can attest to (sadly), what I was putting in the public stream sounds to be gibberish and scared some friends, I may as well have been simply saying “I Am Groot.”

For that I am both sorry and humbly grateful for your concern.

#FuckCancer #BecausePGH

2 replies on “Spoilers, Sweetie – Guardians of the Galaxy and My Communication FAIL”

Well said, Viv. Personally, I find the new less-filtered Viv an utter delight. No bullshit, just truth delivered with loving kindness (less-filtered Viv is still Viv, after all).

I went through *years* of filtering myself so I wouldn’t offend or anger or scare the people around me. For a while, Kulture Kast was the only outlet for anything approaching the real deal Susan Z, straight up, no chaser.

Between my recent ADHD diagnosis (and meds) and more recent tragic loss, I’m finding myself suddenly more direct and authentic in how I communicate with EVERYONE, not just the few close friends that I know can handle it. Even about the wibbly wobbly emotional stuff. 😉


It was nice seeing you lead with associating movie team roles with City of Heroes roles. I’m in harmony with that activity:

I like to think of myself as the take-the-abuse tank Drax (but my reflexes aren’t fast enough to catch metaphors as they pass over my head…)

If you’re Groot, then you’re the flower-dispensing Groot, or the “filling space with glowing flower buds” Groot. It is known.

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